Collect anonymous feedback simply.

Send a link, get the feedback you need to improve.

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How it works

Have you given a presentation, written and email, given an interview or written a blog you want feedback on? Getting that honest feedback is hard. You are asking people to be vulnerable, to your face. Make it simpler and less stressful for people to give you the feedback you need to improve.

Simply create an event. Copy the link, and share it with people. Once people have given you a rating and left helpful comments, you can review them and get valuable insights, track your growth, and become a better you.

create an event

🎪 Create

Start by creating an event that you want to receive feedback on. It could be a presentation you gave, an email you sent, or a blog article you wrote.

copy share link

📋 Copy

Sending off for feedback is as simple as clicking a button. And well sending the link your just copied around. Still it's just a link - simple.

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🔗 Share

Once you've copied that link, you can send it around to everyone! Make sure to mention and giving you feedback is anonymous - people like that.

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🔎 Review

Once you start seeing feedback come in, you can review and learn from it.

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